Handmancers is a first-person roguelike deckbuilder set in a crazy fantasy world where warriors solve their problems through the power of their HANDS… literally.

Choose a FACTION in Handmancers and build a deck enriched with powerful artifacts to make your way and mark your history.


Your mind is inferior but with us and your MAGIC, you will ascend…


You are BEAUTIFUL, we are beautiful, help us achieve perfection…​


If BLOOD is what you seek the pack will be your home, or your grave….​


Get ready for anΒ EPIC adventure into the world of roguelite deckbuilders with Handmancers. Grab your deck, discover the POWER of cards and become a master of signs in an ever-changing world.

  • Customize your cards and build the deck of your choice!
  • Equip powerful artifacts
  • Choose one of the factions from the powerful tribes of Rock, Paper or Scissor.
  • Fight numerous unique enemies, watch out for Chaos!
  • Create powerful and unstoppable combos, the power is in your hand

Try the game for free

Join a clan and embark on your adventure. Assemble your deck and dive into a captivating universe where the Rock, Paper, and Scissor signs hold the keys to your success.

Access the FREE DEMO and venture into this intriguing realm by visiting the Handmancers community on our Discord server. Join us now to uncover the secrets of this exciting gaming world!



Handmancers will be released in late 2024

Handmancers will be available on Steam on Windows and Mac. It will be released later on the other platforms.

Handmancers will be available in English and Italian. We will take community feedback into account to consider additional languages.

Handmancers is a single-player game.

Handmancers was developed in Unity.

Follow Handmancers Steam page for Dev Blogs, subscribe to the Discord server, and follow us on Twitter for more information and updates.

Certainly, you can share as much content as you like. You can find screenshots or other useful material for your content in our pressKit. You also have permission to monetize your content in which you talk about Handmancers.

If you work for the press, are a content creator or just curious you can contact us at samuele@handmancers.com, we can send you some free keys πŸ˜‰